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Have you ever let a dick tell you what to do? I have, and those relationships sucked. If you’re going to let a pecker be the boss of you, I suggest you let it be a very specific pecker: pick up the Willy Says Game.

Willy is a fun, happy penis that will only tell you to do outrageous, silly things on the night of the bachelorette party. Way better than any of those other dicks, who demanded things of you on any other nights. Willy Says knows better, though. It’s just like Simon Says, but with Willy.

Willy Says all kinds of things, like “Dance with any red-haired guy,” “Have a guy write his name and phone # on a body part of your choosing,” and “Dance on a bar stool, a table, or the bar itself.” This game is best to play at a busy bar or club where you’ll be around plenty of people, and where the drinks are flowing freely! What can we say, Willy just loves the bar scene.


The Willy Says Game is tons of fun, and will get the bachelorette partygoing in full swing!

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  • Willy Says
  • Simon Says for the bachelorette party

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