The Voting Game


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The Voting Game begins when the first question card is revealed. e.g., Who would survive the longest in a zombie apocalypse? Players then vote anonymously for the player that is best described by the question. Results are tallied and revealed to the group – laughter is guaranteed!

Each player guesses who voted for them. Players get one guess for every vote they received. If they guess correctly, the truth is revealed.

Example Question Cards

Who would have the hardest time talking their way out of an insane asylum?

Who will be the hardest to recognize in 10 years?

Who would lose an election because of something they did in high school? Whose Google search history would you most like to see the most?

Card Game Contents

  • 250 cards
  • Voting cards for up to 10 players
  • 5 game variants
  • This party game is intended for ages 15+

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The Voting Game


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