Sex In A Can Vibrating Vagina Tunnel Masturbator for Gentlemen


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Sex in a Can series create a deep sucking sensation for
incredible stimulation, deliver the ultimate deep throat experience.

Use during solo play, or hand it over to your
partner for an incredible, shard experience.


Instructions for vibrating style:

Ergonomic shape and ultra-realistic feel

Ergonomics adapted to any penis size for easy
penetration and maximum satisfaction

For maximum pleasure, open the cap along the dotted
lines and pour a few drops of water-based lubricant into the orifice. A water-based
lubricant is included inside.

Clean the case after each use, remove the internal
sleeve and clean it with alcohol-free sex toy cleanser, rinse well

Store in a dry place at room temperature

Instructions for Vibrating style:

To use the bullet to add more stimulation, please
tear off the Can Bottom Film, then pop off the Bottom Cap, take out the
Vibrating bullet from the inside sleeve, screw the bullet off to take off the
insulating paper, restore it back to normal for intense vibrating fun.

Other details same with Non-vibrating style.


Key Features

  • Sex In A Can
    Vibrating Vagina Lotus Tunnel Masturbator
  • 100%
    Phathalate free, Reusable, Lubricant included
  • 1 Speed
    Vibrating strong bullet included
  • Material: Cyber -skin
  • Weight: 280 Grams

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Sex In A Can Vibrating Vagina Tunnel Masturbator for Gentlemen


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