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    If you want a big hunk of man flesh to do with as you please, you really can’t go wrong with this cock and ass. It’s heavy enough to use without having to worry about it moving around too much. You can stand it on the edge of your bed, lay it on its front and climb on top, or lay it on its back and bang it in the ass while you grip its hard cock. You can even climb up on top of it and cram his 8 inch cock into your greedy hole.

    Duke is crafted for realism and sexual pleasure. The ass is extra-soft flesh-like material. Meanwhile the cock, balls, and the lower ab area are more solid on the inside while still being slightly flexible. With the cock’s solid core and fleshy exterior, it feels very real. You can even adjust the angle of the cock for the perfect penetration.

    If you’re all top, you’ll be pleased by the way that the inner contours change inside the ass. You can drill it deep, without worrying about hitting the end. Still, it’s open on the end, so you can clean it out with a quick squirt-through.

    Duke’s realistic cock and ass is great sex toy. If you like the feel of his dual-density SexFlesh, you might want to check out some of the cocks that we have with the same feel.

    • Size: Measures 8.5″ in height, 11.5″ in width, and 6″ in depth.
    • Cock:Duke Male Torso Doll measures 8″ in length and 2″ in diameter
    • Material: Dual-Density SexFlesh (TPR)
    • Weight: 5 kg
    • Offers more depth than most masturbation toys of this type
    • You can “stand” Duke Male Torso Doll up or lie him down, if you desire
    • Cock is bendable so you can find that ideal setup
    • Anal canal has different textures at different depths
    • Has a through-hole for easy cleanup
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