Fetish Pleasure Fluffy Handcuffs – Black


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Secure your lovers wrists together or attach them to the bed with Lovetoy’s fluffy metal Handcuffs Give yourself the power of dominance and see how your sexy over will respond -anticipation is everything!
Handcuffs and restraints are popular bedroom accessories and is easy to see why. Being handcuffed is a deeply erotic experience for both partners which makes t the perfect foreplay activity. Team handcuffs and blindfolds for a sexier night in.
These Metal handcuffs come with 2 keys. Also There s a quick release lever, in case you lose both keys
Better use quick release lever to Just get down to business!

Ideal for playing out p-oliceman fantasies or experimenting with bedroom bondage, these sturdy handcuffs could also be used for a fancy dress costume or hen night outfit.

Key Features

    • Sturdy metal with thick fur
    • Material: Iron

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Fetish Pleasure Fluffy Handcuffs - Black


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