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Is there time for a quickie? Take your partner with to this kinky fetish universe with Domin8 Quickie Fetish Game for Couples.

Precisely as the classic domino, you place a brick down which matches with one that is already on the table, but here is where the likeness with the original game ends.

When a double domino is played the player wins a prize, which is determined by the symbol of the card. “Handcuffs” means, for eg. that the partner gets fixated to furniture for the next couple turns, “The lips” means 10 sensual kisses on parts of the body you choose and “The whip” means your partner will get 5 spanks.

The Quickie game is a mini-version of Domin8 Fetish Game for Couples, and because of the size it is perfect for travelling or as an accessory to the existing game.

Game Contains:

  • 24 New and Erotic Scenarios
  • Control Play in an easy, fun way
  • 8 different categories

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Domin8 Quickie Couple's Game


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