About Justerotics

Justerotics is Couple-friendly sex toy store based in Nigeria with millions of satisfied customers.

At Justerotics we believe that sexual fulfillment in marriage is attainable, and that sex should be fun; that is why we have introduced various items that would make our customer have mind-blowing sexual encounters.

Need to say that use of sex toys is safe, healthy and pleasurable.

We aim to bring back the thrilling sexual encounters to couples without restraints. We also offer you sexual education with our blog.

Every items purchased on Justerotics is backed with a QUALITY guarantee. We would only sell items of high grade quality and of utmost health standards. All of our products have been well tested and are suitable for the intended use.

We deliver to anywhere in Nigeria, within 48hours and International within 5 days. We are very mindful about the packaging of our toys, therefore all items bought in this store is packaged discreet. And more interesting is, whenever you make a purchase from us using your credit card, Justerotics.com will not be visible in your billing.

We sell wholesale too, you could request our catalog for retailers..

Justerotics was founded in 2015 by Seykay, a business brand name across Nigeria.

Have fun shopping on our store, as we have a lot of pleasure to offer you.

Your friend,

Seye Osayi.


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