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With this set of positions, you will be the greatest lover!
Would you like to master a set of sex positions that will surely be mind-blowing?
Sure you would love to know how to be the sexiest. You would love to be the most attractive and the one who is said to be best in bed. Wouldn’t you like to have your partner 100% happy and content, even in your private lives? Sure you would! Everybody wants to master the key to achieving a great sex life!

This card games gives you the best of the best. And we’re not just saying it. These are the BEST sex positions that will make your nights seem like a dream. Just try them out, one for each day of the month and by the end of the summer you will be the fantastic lover everybody dreams about. You will be the perfect Don Juan and the perfect femme fatale.
Shake it and try something new with your partner. Each day will bring you something surprising. These poses are made for you both to feel like in Heaven. Bring a little diversity into the bedroom and your partner will be forever thankful.
When the passion that you used to feel at the beginning of the relationship has gone, you will feel like something is missing. But with a little help you’ll manage to get your relationship back on the right track. Reaching a cold spot or a rut in a relationship happens to the best of us too and tabloids prove this every day. Super famous people cheat on each other too and the reason they do it is most likely the boredom in the bedroom or the curiosity of finding someone new, with something new to offer.
From now on, you will be the one who will satisfy all your partner’s desires. Plus, things will never get too boring when making love. It will always feel like the first time, because being creative in the bedroom means offering a wide range of possibilities. When you’ve got so many ways of doing it to try our, why would you get bored?
The best part about a steady relationship is the way you get to know each other’s bodies. Communication is the key to a successful sex life and we all know that in the bedroom all the fights are solved. Make out sex is the best, and everybody can agree to that. Set your bedroom on fire! Or, why not, set every place you both touch on fire (doing it in public may not be a good idea, but semi-public places can turn to flames if you know how to turn on your partner).
You may be one of those couples who got so used to each other that you forgot how to be romantic, how to be passionate. But since romance and passion are things that die hard (old habits die hard, they say), you’ll just need to light the fire and turn on the passion. And a couple of amazing sex positions is great for that, since they will give you that ‘new thing’ you long for and it will be combined with that loving, caring and knowing each other’s bodies feeling.
Cuddle and kiss, have hot sex and remember to make romantic gestures – that’s how long term relationships work. They are based on both friendship and passion and love is one thing nobody can destroy, when it is true.
Learn how to be a sex bomb and make your bedroom explode with pleasure the next time you do it! You don’t have to be a porn star in order to bring your partner to an explosive end. You just need to know which positions are good in which situations. Getting pregnant happens more likely in certain positions, while female reaching climax happens in other. Learn which works with which and be prepared for an adult movie-like night!
Turn on the heat, turn on the passion, give and take and your relationship will burn in flames. Not in the flames of hell, of course, but in the flames of love and great sexy moments. Be the one she will never forget. Be the one he will never leave behind. Don’t let 2012 pass without experiencing the fieriest nights! Don’t let the Mayan Apocalypse come without you having felt how it is to be great in bed!

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