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Not all men are the same, and neither are all condoms. This condom variety pack comes with three different types of condoms, each with its own shape, size and style, so you can find what fits and feels best for you. Explore a Classic Feel, a Thin Feel, or a Full Pleasure Feel so you never have to settle for a condom that feels just “okay.” After you’ve tested these, there’s more to explore. Check out the full variety of Trojan condom sizes, shapes, and fits and pick your favorites.


Key Features

  • Trojan All the Feels has three different types of condoms that each deliver a unique feel: Classic, Thin and Full Pleasure.
  • Classic Feel condoms have a straight shape for a snugger fit and more secure feel. Silky smooth lubricant and special reservoir end for extra safety.
  • Thin Feel condoms have a straight shape and a thinner design for increased sensitivity and pleasure.
  • Full Pleasure Feel condoms have a unique relaxed fit that is secure at the base with more room at the head. Lubricant inside and out helps create a more natural feel and the deep ribs increase stimulation as you move.
  • TROJAN Brand condoms are America’s #1 condom, trusted for over 100 years. Triple Tested Trojan Quality.

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Trojan All The Feels Latex Condoms - 3S


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