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    Strike the perfect balance between pain and pleasure with the Roomfun – Fluffy Nipple Clamps!

    These fun nipple clamps feature a pair of soft and fluffy furry balls that add an extra layer of stimulation to your nipple play experience, tickling the wearer’s skin as they dangle from their nipples. They also act as a light weight to pull ever so slightly on the nipple and heighten the sensations.

    The Roomfun – Fluffy Nipple Clamps deliver pressure and pinching that feels extra intimate thanks to the flat bullnose style of these clamps pressing flush against your sensitive nipples. The tension can be adjusted with the screws to tweak the exquisite pain to your preferred level, which is ideal for nipple play newcomers and experienced fetishists alike. The rubber tips increase wearer comfort but can also be removed if you’re ready for an intense session!

    No matter how long or tight you like it, you’ll love the delightful warmth of blood rushing back into your tingling nipples, which will feel pert and ultra-sensitive. This is perfect for blowing, sucking, pulling, rubbing an ice cube on, and more for a unique stimulation sensation like no other!

    Key features 

    • Soft and furry balls add an extra layer of tickling sensation
    • Balls act as a light weight to heighten the stimulation
    • Adjustable screws to tailor the tension level
    • Rubber-coated tips for wearer comfort
    • Tips can be removed for a more intense level of pain and pleasure


    • 5.6cm / 2.2″ length


    • Faux fur
    • Rubber
    • Metal
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