Pink Pussycat Topical Sensual Enhancement Gel – 15ml


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Pink Pussycat Gel Enhancement. Make your pussycat purrrrr! Formulated with Arginine to heighten blood flow, pleasure and sensation to the clitoris and g-spot. Increased orgasm intensity, duration, and frequency. All natural blend of essential oils create a sensation that increases lubrication and feeling.

Pink Pussycat is specifically designed for the woman looking for more out of their sexual encounter. Intended for the lady who is not ashamed of her sexual desires and seeks that sexual experience that leaves the entire body tingling with pleasure.

Applied as a topical enhancement which has been scientifically designed for women to increase sexual pleasure and performance. Formulated to promote their sexual life. This is the gel you should be using. We want you to experience the results that all other women do with Pink Pussycat!

Make your pussycat purrrrr!

– Sensations last up to 72 hours
– Increase libido and sexual desire
– Give your natural lubrication and incredible boost
– More powerful orgasms – greater frequency and sensation
– You’ll be hungrier for sex than you’ve ever been before
– Be the lover you’ve always wanted to be
– Be in control – You’ll last & last
– Guaranteed enhancement
– No prescription necessary
– Doctor developed & designed

Directions for Use:

Apply to clitoris before sexual activity to aid energy, libido and sexual performance.

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Pink Pussycat Topical Sensual Enhancement Gel - 15ml


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