Never Have I Ever Party Game


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    Object of the game – To break the ice and start a conversation by answering (truthfully!) to the Never Have I Ever questions.

    Starting the game – Choose the player who’s wearing the coolest t-shirt. Good. Now, whoever’s sitting to the right of this fashion icon gets to start the game. Why? Because Never Have I Ever liked a show off!

    Playing the game – The person starting the game picks a card from the pile and reads it out loud. These cards are examples of things you may or may not have done.

    And now… the fun part! Everyone playing in the game must answer (I repeat — truthfully!) by saying “I HAVE” or “NOPE, NOT ME.”

    Starting a new round – At the end of each round, the player to the left starts the cycle again by picking a new card.

    Bonus FYI – At the bottom of each card is a FYI (For Your Information) this is a Fun Fact that relates to each card.



    Key Features

    • Induces conversations and laughter
    • Get your friends together and spark interesting conversation with the questions
    • Offers a lot of fun
    • Ideal as a white elephant, bachelorette or hostess gift


    Includes: 150 NHIE questions and fun life facts; Printed on premium quality paper with a compact box

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    Never Have I Ever Party Game


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