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    Not one, not two, but THREE fabulous sexy sex games for spontaneous erotic fun with your favourite person. Choose from ‘Stuck On You’, ‘That’s How We Roll’ and ‘Naughty Or Nice’ and follow the simple instructions for sexy play with an element of mystery.

    ‘Stuck On You’ calls for you to stick numbered stickers to each other’s various body parts, roll the die and see where the fun takes you.

    ‘That’s How We Roll’ is a card based game. Choose a card, roll the die, perform the action the number corresponds to.

    ‘Naughty Or Nice Date Nights’ is a scratch card game. Flip the counter to decide whether you’ll be scratching off the ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ panel, and reveal your play for the evening.


    • 6 x ‘Naughty Or Nice Date Night’ scratch cards
    • 12 x ‘That’s How We Roll’ cards featuring 72 fun actions
    • 1 x ‘Stuck On You’ sticker sheet featuring 12 stickers
    • 1 x 6-sided die for ‘That’s How We Roll’
    • 1 x ‘Naughty Or Nice’ counter

    Key Features:

    • A set of 3 sex games for couples
    • 3 games to choose from: ‘Stuck On You’, ‘Naughty Or Nice Date Nights’ and ‘That’s How We Roll’
    • Easy to play with no extra accessories required
    • Perfect for spontaneous sexytimes
    • A great naughty gift
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    Naughty Or Nice Couples Game


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