Naughty Bits Roll Play Naughty Dice Set


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Roll the dice! Make your move. Get lucky. Fun bedside products. What to do! Where to do it. Let the good times roll and you will always get lucky with the Naughty Bits Roll Play Naughty Dice Set. The dirty game is made to let couples indulge in their kinkier sides with every play. Introduce this dirty game to your bedroom behavior to ignite a new spark with fresh playtime ideas.

To play, simply roll the dice to see what to do and where to do. There are no losers in this game, each round of this seductive game works to tease, please and always end with each player in a state of pure bliss. Each set includes 2 acrylic dice.

Key Features

  • Material type: Acrylic
  • Phthalate free.
  • Package size:  1 inch by 4.8 inches by 7.2 inches.
  • Color: Multi-colored.
  • 1 year warranty. 
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Naughty Bits Roll Play Naughty Dice Set


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