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The Ladies Night Card Game is an awesome game to play with old friends or new friends! This is one of those games that will reveal everything and bond you for life. Play it sober or with drinks; it will be hilarious either way!

The Ladies Night Game features a deck of cards that are filled with funny questions, like:

  • Which one of us will have the perkiest bosom at 85?
  • Which one of us would make the worst psychiatric ward employee?
  • Who would have to be bribed the least amount of money to streak naked down the street?

This is a great game to play with old friends, to see what everyone really thinks about you! You can play with a gaggle of girls or just a handful. Shuffle the cards and take turns reading questions aloud. The group votes on the player who best fits the card, and the card is awarded to the player with the most votes. The first player to gain 10 cards wins..

Key Features:

  • Ladies Night Card Game
  • Hilarious and easy
  • Play it anywhere
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Ladies Night The Card Game


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