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Pink denma 2 plus

Vibration of superlative guiding the person who touched with a vibration pattern that meets all the needs and stepless controller to manipulate the freely the intensity of vibration and to everyone cum, just “a gift from God”

functionality that all mankind is to convince The operability that everyone will be captivated with.

The vibration range of God that cannot be reproduced by humans.

The original denma ideal for everyone was realized by a new challenge of SSI Japan.

[Sophisticated functionality]

The stepless controller that can be manipulated sensuously by simply stroking it with a stroke is a function button that allows you to select 10 patterns of vibration from the current design of stepless control with only strength.

With a divine performance that combines fine vibrations like ripples, full-torque vibrations like large waves, and irregular vibrations that you can’t expect. also through a person who was with Good rave reviews! that

will liven up a play without getting tired by the vibration operation and the vibration pattern that has been refined.

[Convenient operability]

The head and neck parts are integrated with medical silicon considering cleanliness and flexibility to reduce vibrations at the hand, bend as if they are strongly pressed, and concentrate on play at any angle Is possible.

The battery box is built-in, and the “direct battery-in” method that

allows the battery to be inserted directly into the main unit by removing the bottom cap!

[Amazing vibration force]

Built-in motor improved by grade up! To the rotation 17,000 a vibration force of

softer heavy vibration, not only intense to achieve a more delicate micro-vibration, no one to caress stimuli, such as whispering sweet, such as women seek Will taste the climax.

The ideal evolutionary denma created by SSI Japan with repeated trials and errors day and night succeeds in reproducing the vibration range of God that humans can not reproduce!

[Reliable high quality]

The medical silicon integrated head and neck are water resistant.

It can be washed with water as soon as you want to keep it clean.

Designed to make it easier for women to use, including weight reduction and smooth opening and closing of the bottom cap.

Please feel the high quality that can only be realized by SSI Japan, which has earnestly worked on manufacturing without allowing other companies to follow.

[Good cost performance]

Embodying the ideal more than Pink Denma 2, Pink Denma 2 Plus is an evolutionary system of Denma that everyone in Denma Lovers can convince.

Despite the high quality and high quality that reproduces the god-level vibration that brings all the pleasures unreachable to mankind!

SSI Japan will continue to develop products that closely match the customer’s heart and body.

  • Power: Uses 4 AA batteries (sold separately)

  • Box size: 205 x 68 x 68 mm 

  • Body length: 195 mm, head diameter 45 mm, handle thickness: 42 to 47 mm

 For safety, please refrain from continuous operation for 15 minutes or more .

 If the body gets too hot, stop using it immediately.

 After use, please remove the battery from the main unit for safety.

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Kuro Denma 2 Plus Wand


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