Dr Laura Berman Intimate Basics Dilators Set


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    Whether you struggle with discomfort during intercourse, sexual anxiety, or simply want to work on your pelvic floor strength, the Berman Center Dilator Set as a novelty product has everything you need to train your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor to increase pleasure in your sex life.  Starting at 2.75″ / 7cm circumference and going up to 4.75″/12.cm, the Dilator Set works for every woman, not matter what her sexual challenges.  The vibratory option helps to take the clinical edge off dilator use by making the focus on pleasure as well as training.

    Dilator Set includes vibrating dilator which may be used independently plus 3 graduated interchangeable, interlocking dilator sleeves and a soft, Silicone sleeve.  Unique interlocking system secures your dilator to the sleeves.  Stack the sleeves to the desired size.  For extra comfort and versatility, slip on the Silicone sleeve.

    Key Features

    1. 4 graduating sized vaginal dilators, in smooth plastic, with a separate handle for ease of use.
    2. Rehabilitate pelvic floor muscles at your own pace
    3. For treating Vaginismus, recovery from vaginal surgery, vaginal agenesis etc
    4. Optional vibrating ability helps to relax muscles
    5. Includes optional removable soft ribbed sleeve

    Additional information


    5.5" x 1" / 14cm x 3cm (Large Sleeve), 4.5" x 1.5" / 11cm x 4cm (Medium Sleeve), 6.5" x 1.5" / 17cm x 4cm (X-Large Sleeve)


    2 AAA batteries

    Vibration Speeds

    Multi speed

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    Dr Laura Berman Intimate Basics Dilators Set


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