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China Super Stud Spray Male Ejaculation Delay Spray

Every man is a super stud in his wildest fantasies. But in practice, things don’t always go as planned. Delay your satisfaction and give your partner extended pleasure with China Super Stud Delay Spray. This special formula will increase your sexual stamina and give you security and confidence during sexual activity. If there’s any chance your weapon might discharge early, don’t risk it, just give your equipment a little spray!

If you wish that great sex could last forever, China Super Stud delay spray is the next best thing.

Formulated with body-safe ingredients, it prevents early ejaculation and allows you to maintain strong, firm erections during those marathon sessions. You’ll have plenty of time to please your partner, and the non-staining formula is completely safe to use with latex condoms.

The active ingredient is 5percent benzocaine, a safe analgesic agent that limits hypersensitivity. You’ll still enjoy every second – China Super Stud delay spray won’t leave you feeling completely numb, and while it lasts a long time, it’s gentle enough for regular use.

When used properly, this is an excellent product, and it gives you the stamina you need for incredible sex. A spray or two will provide you with plenty of staying power; apply to the head and shaft of your penis, then wait about 10 minutes for the active ingredients to take effect. Be careful when using any product with benzocaine and stop use if you feel pain or irritation.


Benzocaine 5%

Key Features

  • Simple spray that will create long lasting rock hard erections

  • Take back your sex life and dominate in the bed

  • Stop worrying about premature ejaculation today

  • Made with a strong mix of 5% Benzocaine

  • Simple to use before sex spray

  • Designed to help you prolong your sex and have explosive orgasms

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China Super Stud Spray - 44 oz


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