Burstilla 16kg Sex Doll


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Her sexy curves and big booty will bring you an unlimited amount of pleasure. Anyone will be turned on by her erect nipples. Burstilla delivers amazing results and will satiate all of your sexual needs.

She has the most the realistic feel and texture just like a real human skin. When you touch Burstilla or look at her closely, you will find that the her surface has the same goosebumps texture that a real human has.

Key Features

  • Sexy Body Curves: This sex doll’s body is perfect and beautiful which has big breast and sexy big butt. It has a small waist which can be held in two hands and easy to manipulate.
  • Soft TPE Solid Breasts: By adopting modified TPE fusion technology, the breasts are soft and full. When your hand touches it, you can feel her deep and eager desire for comforting and it’s the best choice for breast fun. Made of safe TPE material, she is very soft, elastic and gives you an incredible happy time.
  • 3D Realistic Vaginal and Anal Tunnels: Designed according to real female’s pussy and anus, it is really realistic and inviting. Lifelike inner design, dual separate channels for a distinct sensation depending on which one you choose, bring intense stimulation, great at holding and hugging you. Both of the tunnels’ length are 6.3 inches. (Because the tunnel material is elastic, it can fit into any size of d*ck.)
  • Built-in Metal Skeleton and Joints for Multi-poses: The skeleton allows her to maintain an upright posture while the movable joints enhance her flexibility allowing you to try numerous positions as you like. (Please note that in the normal state or when the sex doll is not used, please keep her legs together to avoid damage to the joint skin.)
  • Perfect-Sized Sex Doll: Total length: 27in, Hip width: 11.2in, Bust: 32.28in, Underbust: 18.9in, Waist: 16.93in, Hips: 31.89in, Weight: 16kg. PLEASE NOTE that we will dust talcum-powder on the skin to prevent the product from becoming sticky before the product leaves the factory. So it is normal if there is powder on the skin surface when you receive it.
  • Discreet Packaging:  We value the privacy of our clients, so this sex doll will be discreetly packaged to protect your privacy. 
  • Net Weight16.5kg
    Gross Weight20kg
    Vaginal Length6.3in / 16cm
    Anus Length6.3in / 16cm
    Leg Circumference (maximum)16.11in / 46cm
    Leg Length9.45in / 24cm
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Burstilla 16kg Sex Doll


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