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    This 5-in-1 bondage kit includes everything you need to set up a variety of bondage play scenarios. It contains a full set of four-bed restraint straps, wrist and ankle cuffs, breathable ball gag, blindfold, and a tasseled flogger. The classic black and metallic silver finish of the whole set gives it an elegant look, and the soft but durable materials are perfect for longer sessions.

    ●Included Ball Gag and Blindfold: With the included breathable ball gag and blindfold, you can set up a variety of bondage play scenarios based on your preferences. You also get a tasseled flogger for impact play.

    ●Quick and Easy Setup: The cuffs and bed restraints are adjustable and set up quickly and easily, allowing you to avoid any mood-killing delays.

    ●Classic Metallic Silver Styling: The metallic silver accents of the set add an elegant feel, and a bit of visual interest. It also improves the appearance of the set in photographs.

    Brand: Roomfun
    Material: Nylon, ABS, Satin, Polyester, Fleece, Metal

    What to Expect
    1* Breathable Ball – Gag
    1* Connect rope
    2* Handcuffs
    2* Ankle cuffs
    1* Blindfold
    1* Whip

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    Bedroom Restraint Kit


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