10 Piece Bondage Kit – Pink


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    Keep your lover quiet and under control with this adult game bondage sets. Secure your lover, take control and explore fetish fantasies.
    • Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts.
    • The kit includes: Mask,Gag, Handcuff, Ankle Cuff, Whip, Rope, Neck Collar,Flirt Feather, Cross Belt, Nipple clamps
    • Colour: Pink
    • Material: PU Leather
    • Eye mask: 18 x 6cm
    • Leather neck collar: 8cm (adjustable)
    • Mouth ball gag: 4cm
    • Crop slap whip: 16cm x 8cm (adjustable)
    • Handcuffs: 16cm (adjustable)
    • Leather whip: 44cm
    • Weight: 350g
    Package includes:
    1 x Mask
    1 x Gag
    1 x Handcuffs
    1 x Ankle Cuff
    1 x Whip
    1 x Rope
    1 x Collar and Leash
    1 x Flirt Feather
    1 x Neck collar
    1 x Nipple Clamps



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    10 Piece Bondage Kit - Pink


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